Underwear…how did my underwear end up being a popular post?

That is the thought that has been crossing my mind lately. My famous underwear post has had so many giggles and searches. Thought you guys might want to check it out. 🙂 Here’s my underwear post for your enjoyment.

Hope you enjoy my underwear tale…or tail…lol.



This time last year

I thought I’d look at what was going on in my world last year. We were dealing with bedbugs for the 3rd time last year. They are now, I’m proud to say gone. But here’s the article telling you in detail the heck we went through and what we did to get rid of them. Enjoy! Bedbugs.

I’m proud to say we’ve been bedbug free for over a year now. Thank you God!

Finances and the newlyweds

When my hubby and I just got married we were not the least bit concerned with our finances. We, so, should have been. Finances are a major factor in determining if you will stay married or not. After a few years of marriage my partner and I took a class offered by our church that had to deal with our finances. This was the best decision we ever made.

This class taught us everything we needed to know about paying off debt, saving, insurance, wills and all things that are important in your financial life. I am proud to say that the only debt we have now is our home and our medical bills. We agree on how our finances are to be run and what to spend our money on. That one class was the best money we ever spent.

Yes, that class cost us…#100.00 (I think). What class was it? It was Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace. This was back before Dave was the big deal he is today. At that time when our church did that class Dave came to our church and preached on tithing and then gave us our diplomas when we finished the course. I had no idea what I needed as far as insurance, etc.

If you are thinking about getting married do yourself a favor and take this class together. It’s the best investment you can give your marriage.

This was not a sponsored post I was merely giving my experience.

Is not talking a problem in your marriage?

Make sure you are taking the time to listen…no, really listen to what they are saying. A lot of times what you fight about is just topics. Not the actual issue. Think back to what you are really mad/upset about and let’s talk about that. No sense in talking about his shoes being left all over the house when what you’re really mad about is that he never talks to you anymore.

Many marriages are constant works in progress. The time and effort that goes into making a marriage work is not what they tell you when you are getting engaged. If you are the one who doesn’t talk make a point to tell your spouse about your day. If you’re spouse is the one that doesn’t talk ask them about their day. Do some probing to find out more about how their day went even if they just grunt an answer at you.

Communication is always a 2 way street. It can’t be accomplished if only one of you is doing all the talking. Make sure you are doing your part and being an active participant in your life. You and your significant other is worth the effort. Make a point to take the time and look into your partner’s eyes as they are telling you about their day. It’s the little things that tell you how much you mean to them. Let them know you are paying attention and what they say matters! Live,laugh,and love.

I want to learn to snowboard!

Winter’s coming and I am thinking about our first snow that might or might not happen this week. Have you ever been snowboarding? I live in a fairly mild climate. We get snow about 3-6 times per year and it’s usually less than an inch. I, so, would love to vacation in a snowier climate and get to do the snow activities. One thing I’ve always wanted to learn was to snowboard and go snowmobiling. How fun would it be for the family to all get to pick out their snowboards.

I had to do some research since I have never been. Snowboarding is a fairly new sport. It began gaining popularity around the 1980’s when I was a teen. As I was looking at the website I noticed there are many sizes and designs to the snowboards. I loved the look of the Lucky Burns Kids beginner snowboard. As a mom of 2 boys I think they would like that to learn on those pretty red snowboards. How fun would it be to head north to Canada and learn a whole new skill set for both my boys and my daughter. Imagine how their self esteem could improve as they grasp a new sport. I can even see our kids eyes lighting up after taking lots of lessons on our new snowboards. My daughter has a very cautious personality and it might take me a few tries to get her on the snow. She must have a pink snowboard! That pink snowboard would have a better chance of getting her on the snow. She’s such a girl.

This is one activity I’d love to learn to do. A vacation to learn it would just be the icing on the cake. Do you have a sporting activity or something you’d like to learn? Would it involve taking you to another climate? I will be saving my money to take a nice vacation in the winter. We’ve never had a winter vacation. Maybe this time next year my family can learn to snowboard!

What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers?

Whew, Thanksgiving is over and you are tired. Good news you don’t have to cook you can reheat leftovers. There is nothing better than turkey and stuffing the next day. Or you can make sure you save parts of the turkey like the drippings and the bones to make other parts of meals. You can make some amazing turkey broth and freeze it for later.

Bring 6 cups water to a boil, add bones and drippings with carrots, celery, and onion. Let simmer for 30 minutes. Cool, strain out bones and veggies and then freeze for later use. You can freeze it in sandwich baggies or like I do in containers and just set it out to use before needed. It’s so easy and so good for you to make it yourself.

If you’re vegetarian you can just boil water and add chunks of carrots, celery and onion and let simmer. In 30 minutes you have veggie broth. I make veggie broth all the time and freeze it too. Just one more area you can cut an expense out of your budget. 🙂 This is the beginning of so many of my soups. Now is the time to use those leftovers to begin other meals.

Now, cut that turkey off the bone and make some sandwiches! I’ve also made turkey spaghetti, turkey tetrazinni, turkey noodle soup etc. So many yummy meals can be made with the leftovers.
Happy cooking!

How to make stuffing and gravy for your turkey

I’m doing this more as a record of what I did to make my stuffing for this year. I made 3 packages of cornbread and left it to sit out all night. Toasted 8 pieces of whole wheat bread and then proceeded to tear all the bread apart. Then I sauteed one whole onion diced and 2 stalks of celery. Cooked it in 2 tbs of butter until limp. After that I put 2 tsp of rubbed sage and 1 tsp of garlic powder into the bread crumbs. Preheated the oven on 350*.Using 3 cups of broth from the turkey pan I added it to the bread crumbs, celery, and onion. Mixed it all together by hand until I could tell it was just moist. Cooked it for 55 minutes until it had browned. It was soooo good.

I made a gravy to go with this and the dressing/stuffing. I aded 2 tbs of butter to a pan and 2 tbs of flour and made a roux. To this I added 3 cups of turkey broth out of the pan and continued whisking it together. Added a few more tbs of flour and whisked until it looked right. It looked right and was so yummy. I pray you all had a happy thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I’m very thankful for each and every one of you. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

5 Tips to be Thankful for Your Marriage

Sometimes it’s hard to remember why you married your partner. There are so many good reasons you choose for this one to be your mate for life. How can you help your marriage? Let’s learn to be thankful for what we have. In this country we have so much. Changing our thinking can help lead to a longer happier marriage.

1.If you are thinking of leaving your marriage maybe it’s time for a review of how you are thinking. If you are always noticing his/her negatives for 2 days try to change each negative into some kind of positive. So he leaves his socks all over the house, thank you for working so hard on your feet all day for your family.

Doesn’t compliment you on the dinner you worked on, ask him. What did you think of this meal?
2.Ask for what you want in your marriage. Partners are not mind readers. Some just may not think to compliment you in ways you need. So just ask for it. This doesn’t just apply to compliments. Ask for help, ask for sex, ask for what you want and remember to ask them what they need as well.

3. Take the D word out of your marriage. Divorce should not be on the table. You wanted this marriage so try to remember why you love this person. You are not ready to divorce the other person until you have exhausted all resources at your disposal. You should have had counseling for yourself, counseling for couples, and the anger at your partner should be gone. If this hasn’t happened yet you have more work to do. With divorce out of the equation then you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work on this marriage.

4. Encourage each other. If you are saying encouraging things to your partner it will make them more inclined to do the same for you. It also sets you up to see the good in your partner. Remembering why you married this one is such an asset for you in your marriage. Be encouraging.

5. Stop trying to control your partner. They are their own person. They have ideas and thoughts that are all their own. It’s actually one of the reasons you chose them. So stop trying to control them or change them and choose to see what is good in them. What can you do to help improve your marriage. The only person you control is yourself. Remember that!

Be thankful you have a partner. There are lots of single people who are wishing they had a nice partner like yours. Choose happiness!

How to get that Turkey ready for Thanksgiving!

Making that first turkey for thanksgiving? Panicking? Don’t know what to do? Never fear I am here!

On Monday morning I took out my turkey to begin thawing it in the refrigerator. It’s that time of the year. Time for me to get my cooking apron on. I absolutely love thanksgiving and the fact that I cook the turkey every year is one of my favorite parts. Cooking a turkey is one of the easiest things to roast. Make sure you have a good roasting pan. That is exactly what my roasting pan looks like. It’s about 40 years old. Was my mom’s and look how inexpensive it is even today. It makes an amazing turkey.

On Thanksgiving day, I get up around 6 am and unpack the turkey, rub spices on it (I usually use poultry seasoning and a little butter). Then I put a cut up onion and celery in the cavity for flavoring. Put the turkey in the roasting pan, breast side down (so all the juices stay in the breast and keep it moist) add a cup of water to the bottom of the pan and put the lid on. If your turkey is too big put a piece of aluminum foil on the turkey where it will touch the lid and let the lid sit on the turkey. Or if the lid will not fit at all (or you don’t have a roasting pan) then put a tent of foil over it so that the bird stays moist. I leave it cooking on 350* until 11 am or when the temperature thing pops out (real technical speaking, no?). The last 20 minutes I take the lid off and let the oven finish roasting the outside of the bird. It makes one of the most beautiful birds you will ever see. I do not do anything to the legs (don’t understand the whole trussing thing honestly).

It will be a moist delicious turkey each and every time. Try it and let me know how you liked it. I prefer this type of turkey to the fried, rotisseried, or any other kind of turkey. This turkey will be so moist and yummy you will be so proud of yourself for making your first turkey! It really is so easy…and it’s a good thing!