Marriage 101

Hi friends. Here’s a list of 5 most important things you can do to preserve your marriage.
1. Take time for each other. Most people say this as date your spouse. But if you’re like me with 3 kids, no money to spare, and even more commitments than you meant to have, the only thing I can say is even without money you can date your spouse or take time for them. Take a picnic to the lake or park, go listen to free music in your area, find out what all is going on for free in your town and just take advantage of it are all great ideas for free to cheap date nights. Even if you just put the kids to bed and have a candlelit dinner and spend time cuddling on the couch you have to spend time together. It’s just that important.

2. Have the same financial goals. One of you wants to plan for retirement and one wants to spend every dime you have to find a middle ground so you both feel comfortable with your financial future.

3. Marry your best friend. If you have chosen well you have a better chance at making your marriage work. You have more in common and more likes than dislikes. Even if you don’t agree on everything (and who does) you can work anything out.

4. Keep your fights to yourself. Do not call your mom or your spouses and share the fight you just had. You will forget but that other person might not.

5. Get marriage therapy before you reach the breaking point.  Churches even have free therapists a lot of time, check into it if you’re at this point. Take the word divorce out of your vocabulary and work on always thinking what can I do for him instead of what can s/he do for me.

These are so simplistic but yet so important. Make sure you are doing all the above for you to have a solid marriage.


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