Anything worth doing is worth doing well! Marriage 101 continued

It takes work to stay married. It’s not something that just magically happens. You have to work at it and work hard. The more elbow grease you put into it the more your marriage gets out of it.

Think positively about your spouse and think of them often. Turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. My hubby loves to have a super organized house…it sometimes gets on my nerves as I’m not nearly as organized. I have decided to look at it as he makes me work harder and keeps me more organized than I normally would be. It’s a win-win.

Make sure to take time to have lots of sex. The more sex you have the better it is for you (healthwise) and for you mentally. It gives you that connection and bond with your spouse that you may not feel every minute of every day. It’s a great way to reconnect and remember why you fell in love in the first place. That human connection is so important in any relationship.

Overlook the small things that aren’t important. He leaves his socks on the floor and shoes on my side of the bed. So? There are many women out there that wish they had their husbands back after they have passed away. They would gladly pick up those socks and shoes or just overlook it and let him deal with it. Ann Landers once had a writer who wrote in and said this to another one who was complaining. It really put things in perspective. Don’t you think? Wow! We all have things that get on our nerves but let the small things remain small.

Remember to say thank you, often. I try to take cues from the franchise Chick Fil A and use the phrase  “my pleasure” as often as possible. Doesn’t that sound great? What would you do if you asked your spouse to make you dinner and s/he said “my pleasure.” It just sounds like a great way to respond to others. Try to use it in your day today.

Marriage does take work. But the rewards are so worth it. It’s not easy to be married for 19 years. But it’s really not that difficult either. Live life, laugh hard, and love forever!


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