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Underwear…how did my underwear end up being a popular post?

That is the thought that has been crossing my mind lately. My famous underwear post has had so many giggles and searches. Thought you guys might want to check it out. 🙂 Here’s my underwear post for your enjoyment.

Hope you enjoy my underwear tale…or tail…lol.



This time last year

I thought I’d look at what was going on in my world last year. We were dealing with bedbugs for the 3rd time last year. They are now, I’m proud to say gone. But here’s the article telling you in detail the heck we went through and what we did to get rid of them. Enjoy! Bedbugs.

I’m proud to say we’ve been bedbug free for over a year now. Thank you God!

I want to learn to snowboard!

Winter’s coming and I am thinking about our first snow that might or might not happen this week. Have you ever been snowboarding? I live in a fairly mild climate. We get snow about 3-6 times per year and it’s usually less than an inch. I, so, would love to vacation in a snowier climate and get to do the snow activities. One thing I’ve always wanted to learn was to snowboard and go snowmobiling. How fun would it be for the family to all get to pick out their snowboards.

I had to do some research since I have never been. Snowboarding is a fairly new sport. It began gaining popularity around the 1980’s when I was a teen. As I was looking at the website I noticed there are many sizes and designs to the snowboards. I loved the look of the Lucky Burns Kids beginner snowboard. As a mom of 2 boys I think they would like that to learn on those pretty red snowboards. How fun would it be to head north to Canada and learn a whole new skill set for both my boys and my daughter. Imagine how their self esteem could improve as they grasp a new sport. I can even see our kids eyes lighting up after taking lots of lessons on our new snowboards. My daughter has a very cautious personality and it might take me a few tries to get her on the snow. She must have a pink snowboard! That pink snowboard would have a better chance of getting her on the snow. She’s such a girl.

This is one activity I’d love to learn to do. A vacation to learn it would just be the icing on the cake. Do you have a sporting activity or something you’d like to learn? Would it involve taking you to another climate? I will be saving my money to take a nice vacation in the winter. We’ve never had a winter vacation. Maybe this time next year my family can learn to snowboard!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I’m very thankful for each and every one of you. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Hello world!

In an effort to clean up my other blog I’m adding a new blog. This one will focus on cooking tips and marriage tips.  Please do not confuse one with the other. For instance, put your oven on 350* and put your food in to cook. Your hubby doesn’t go in the oven…just your food…please do not tell me you eat…never mind. This somehow got way off topic in a not such good way! lol Welcome I’m glad you’re here. I’m going to share my grandma’s recipes…if I’m lucky in her handwriting so I will not ever lose it. Thank you for being here.