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Finances and the newlyweds

When my hubby and I just got married we were not the least bit concerned with our finances. We, so, should have been. Finances are a major factor in determining if you will stay married or not. After a few years of marriage my partner and I took a class offered by our church that had to deal with our finances. This was the best decision we ever made.

This class taught us everything we needed to know about paying off debt, saving, insurance, wills and all things that are important in your financial life. I am proud to say that the only debt we have now is our home and our medical bills. We agree on how our finances are to be run and what to spend our money on. That one class was the best money we ever spent.

Yes, that class cost us…#100.00 (I think). What class was it? It was Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace. This was back before Dave was the big deal he is today. At that time when our church did that class Dave came to our church and preached on tithing and then gave us our diplomas when we finished the course. I had no idea what I needed as far as insurance, etc.

If you are thinking about getting married do yourself a favor and take this class together. It’s the best investment you can give your marriage.

This was not a sponsored post I was merely giving my experience.


Is not talking a problem in your marriage?

Make sure you are taking the time to listen…no, really listen to what they are saying. A lot of times what you fight about is just topics. Not the actual issue. Think back to what you are really mad/upset about and let’s talk about that. No sense in talking about his shoes being left all over the house when what you’re really mad about is that he never talks to you anymore.

Many marriages are constant works in progress. The time and effort that goes into making a marriage work is not what they tell you when you are getting engaged. If you are the one who doesn’t talk make a point to tell your spouse about your day. If you’re spouse is the one that doesn’t talk ask them about their day. Do some probing to find out more about how their day went even if they just grunt an answer at you.

Communication is always a 2 way street. It can’t be accomplished if only one of you is doing all the talking. Make sure you are doing your part and being an active participant in your life. You and your significant other is worth the effort. Make a point to take the time and look into your partner’s eyes as they are telling you about their day. It’s the little things that tell you how much you mean to them. Let them know you are paying attention and what they say matters! Live,laugh,and love.

5 Tips to be Thankful for Your Marriage

Sometimes it’s hard to remember why you married your partner. There are so many good reasons you choose for this one to be your mate for life. How can you help your marriage? Let’s learn to be thankful for what we have. In this country we have so much. Changing our thinking can help lead to a longer happier marriage.

1.If you are thinking of leaving your marriage maybe it’s time for a review of how you are thinking. If you are always noticing his/her negatives for 2 days try to change each negative into some kind of positive. So he leaves his socks all over the house, thank you for working so hard on your feet all day for your family.

Doesn’t compliment you on the dinner you worked on, ask him. What did you think of this meal?
2.Ask for what you want in your marriage. Partners are not mind readers. Some just may not think to compliment you in ways you need. So just ask for it. This doesn’t just apply to compliments. Ask for help, ask for sex, ask for what you want and remember to ask them what they need as well.

3. Take the D word out of your marriage. Divorce should not be on the table. You wanted this marriage so try to remember why you love this person. You are not ready to divorce the other person until you have exhausted all resources at your disposal. You should have had counseling for yourself, counseling for couples, and the anger at your partner should be gone. If this hasn’t happened yet you have more work to do. With divorce out of the equation then you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work on this marriage.

4. Encourage each other. If you are saying encouraging things to your partner it will make them more inclined to do the same for you. It also sets you up to see the good in your partner. Remembering why you married this one is such an asset for you in your marriage. Be encouraging.

5. Stop trying to control your partner. They are their own person. They have ideas and thoughts that are all their own. It’s actually one of the reasons you chose them. So stop trying to control them or change them and choose to see what is good in them. What can you do to help improve your marriage. The only person you control is yourself. Remember that!

Be thankful you have a partner. There are lots of single people who are wishing they had a nice partner like yours. Choose happiness!

ABC’s of Marriage

A~Arrange to take a date night together weekly.

B~Be kind and treat your partner the way you want to be treated

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